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i eat ninja


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Comments (67)

Im in! :D


I'm in as well =D!

sorry man, as i said im very picky this time, sorry im not accepting you, i want the best of the best. sorry man, there are other collabs, :S

wot about meh :3 ?

you guys can try as i mentioned, but... yeah, im very picky

1337-Dawg responds:

sorry man, as i said im very picky this time, sorry im not accepting you, i want the best of the best. sorry man, there are other collabs, :S

Yes, I know you said you are very picky with this one. But still, I'm not as crappy as I was when I tried to join your first collab. Are you sure that I don't have enough skill to be in? I can make some tests later on, show them to you, and you just might change your mind.....

We'll see..... either way, have you thought of making this for madness day like you did with the first one??

dude i dont want to offend you, if you try you're wasting your time, sorry D:

can i do an FBF madness?
in the form of drawing :D

eh, well i liked ur other one that was regular, but... i guess, :S
though i prefer you to do it the old fasion way, the normal way...

hellu =D claty is joining!

if you can make a good part, im picky this time

count with me this time

hmmmmm................ make a clip and i'll see, im not so sure otherwise... try your best man, make something epix, with all of your effort in :D

wow, good luck with that ;D

ty blubby bubdy mofo bud

can i be taking 1 of those slots? :3

only if you make something extraordinary and guds

can i joins

most likely, probabllys makes somethings epics, make a part, a real part. :3

make sure it has a bacground and it is lengthy, and that i will most certainly like it

guys i said idk to, make a clip &gt;:3

The first was already good. I expect this one will be great.

And it will be :B

Read my post.

That is if you wanna know bout' my new project

hey you can join my collab, but i like need to know if you're a good animator or not. Or just make a part and send it to me when its done and ill see. that is if you have time.

your art seems good

Add me to the collab list.

make a part and we'll see, sorry if u dont make it

can i join it please

i've seen some work from you in comments or so, no. sorry, pros only

my part is nearly done

awesome, keep it good, :D

m i in?

oh sorry i didnt reply did i, well ill just reply here, sorry man. you got skills, potential, everything. but there are just things i dont like there, plus ill say that wasnt enough. sorry D: send it to another collab

i will finish tomorrow k

keep it up, :D if there are some flaws i tell people about it so it will be perfect. sometimes i fix them with permission, or they decide to fix them. but send it to me in pm when done


Hi I am interested to join the collab.. there's another place for me? :D.

i dont know man. your animations aren't exactly what impress me, i just can't feel the madness.

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