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fuck your couch clockwise

aw dude, im so sorry about all this, I know there is no way this can be soluted, but... its sad since, all this long way, to try making a good collab, is death, I'm so sorry dude.

ohhw, thats just, i was really looking forward to this one, its sad that it wasn't going to be anything, even the menu and everything there is the best i've ever seen. i just wonder how the whole thing would be, well goodluck on ur life then, hope u will visit newgrounds once again some day.

This is just sad, :/

Thank god!

Dude this sucks, i was waitin for your coolab to come out :(


Its Nuttros collab all over again.

Well, I guess I'll have to find a new home for my parts. "Oh Diiiiimb!"

you know you could have just sent the file to someone else with a better computer rather than going through this whole ragequitting thing and moping around

like really to be perfectly honest, there are loads of people with better computers who would gladly export it for you

oh well

Link that is actually what I suggested but, as it seems for coming to late, and outta the blue I doubt that it might ever happen again

*Drinks till drunk and pull trigger*

Oh damn- that's disappointing. But don't leave newgrounds just because it failed- you've still got friends and fans! As LLL said, there are probably lots of people with better computers who could gladly help you with the file.

You're leaving the site because of one setback? Let me tell you something: when Erja and I made Madness Agony 1 lightning struck his computer and he lost the internet, we had to do all updates on a laptop. Then the fucking laptop coudn't handle the file, so we transferred it to my computer wich was also a piece of crap at the time, it took a month to make it work and on the submission date the file proved too big. So I sat up all night copying frames on a computer that lagged for 10 seconds just if you draw a fucking line in order to split it in half. So this is what I say to you, even if everything fucks up, and even a project dies, you can NEVER give up! You owe that to yourself!

One last thing; I know the menu was amazing and such for most of us here, but in all seriousness, some of the reviews are right.

Newgrounds isn't a place for things that aren't finished. And I don't want to be credited for something that isn't finished. And I can say the rest of us that were in the collab will agree with me.

So if you please could, would you remove me as a co-author from your menu?

Sorry, not just about your computer issues, but about the loss of all of your time you put into all of this only for it to fail.

fuck you computer you ruin everything

lol FAIL

Reformat your drive.
Get someone else to export it.
Stop being an emo kid.
The End.

But to be honest collabs have been unoriginal, generic, and stale for the past 2 years. Nobody makes full length quality animations anymore, it's just "LOL LOOK AT MY COLLAB PART WITH STOCK ART, STOCK BACKGROUNDS, AND STOCK GENERIC UNORIGINAL KILLING. HARHAR." Try to be original and make a tribute that doesn't just involve a faggot running into to a secret base to kill some other faggot. The more you know.

you dissapoint us all, you deserve to die !

you still dead ? get up ! you can´t just leave just because you dissapoin alot of people, what about all those tests and friends that you´ve made ? make solo movies or join collabs, i fell that people want you back !

damit dawg, come back.

dont giv up my frend.DONT!

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