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MENU!!!!!!! DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Banner For KingApple for birthday / Madness Accumulation 2 COLLAB - Time For A New Post

Posted by 1337-Dawg - May 14th, 2010



for people are pissing me off
you guys aren't working
now c'mon
go on
open flash
open you part in progress

{EDIT: 05/27/10}

Remember somewhere around the beinning of this year I made KingApple a banner for his NG page?
Well, for his birthday I've made him a new one.
It's pretty fucking sexy I have to admit.
It took quite a while.
Most complex FX I've done.
Yet it doesnt look too complex.
but I'm satisfied.
take a look!
-KingApple's banner made by me at the top of his page.
Happy Birthday KingApple!

{/EDIT 05/27/10}

I really feel like updating, this time by making a new post, keeping you guys like "Oh he IS alive"

For most of this time I've been spending on the collab, I've been doing my menu, the Acc2-Menu-Beta-V2, which is about 98% finished, (just need to fill some blanks out). Other than that, I've been trying to make sure everybody here has been spending some time on this collab, or considering doing something, at least a sign that they will do something. Other than that, when I'm taking a break, I've been on XBL (Xbox live), and yes IT IS AN INFECTION, SUCH A DISTRACTION! AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! And no, you guys will not be seeing it, but I may just post a screeny of it later.

I've also been searching for music to use in the collab, completing a list of songs from main menu to credits. When I do receive every little bit of everybody's contributions, I will then decide what to use, and beta-testers, AKA a selection of trusted friends, will help me out. You guys better help >:C

I am sorta done with the 360, for now. So I will be on the computer more, and you probably will see me on MSN often, if your time-zone or schedule is about the same as mine.

I am proud of the people I am getting in this collab, and you guys better make me stay proud because I am very picky this time, compared to the first installation of the Accumulation collab. Though, I did get a few acceptable members there, more than terrifying (which included myself). So what I'm saying, to stay proud, I've got to leave these few very slots to the best who would join in. AyL**SKN(DKsak@lmcjaks'!.

Well there is 1 SLOT LEFT for coauthors in the Accumulation II collab
Compete for it by sending me in parts or tests or just telling me you want in
A) Because some of you idk your levels of skill
B) Because some of you I do, and I'll fill you in until anything

Also let me remind you, if somebody better comes along, you may be replaced. The person replaced will be based on progress (no work so far, or the least work so far), predictions, or parts expected or made from.


Participants with a * may be kicked if the collab fills up and progress goes nowhere, or in the case of FATSHARK, doesn't send it in.

1) 1337-Dawg-----------Parts Finished: 1
2) DIMB--------------------Parts Finished: 1
3) RoryChally------------Parts Finished: 1
4) Watzittooya ----------Parts Finished: 0
5) Coft----------------------Parts Finished: 0
6) GabrielBarsch -------Parts Finished: 1
7) KingApple--------------Parts Finished: 3
*8) FATSHARK------------Parts Finished: 1 (Waiting on you to send it in, send the link through ng pm if you please.)
9) Clatform----------------Parts Finished: 1
10) Empty Slot, coauthored (Slots 1-10 are coauthored)
11) Empty Slot, participant here (if any) will not be coauthored

-Participants in slots 1-10 will be coauthored
-Participants in slots 11-? (if any) will not be coauthored

Total parts done: 9

The Basics:

- Collab Coauthored Member limit: 10
- GIVE ME AS MANY CLIPS AS POSSIBLE, some people seem to think the most clips per member I will allow are 3. Incorrect! Youu can give me as many clips as I accept :3 more = better
- Stage background color: Black
- Stage size: 550 x 400 px (DEFAULT)
- Part Run time: Please make it an acceptable length (if you do not, message me and I may still accept it)
- Frames Per Second (FPS): 30 - 33 (I'll probablly make it 32 or 33, final decision before submission)
- Biography information: Will message you about when needed (so stay active around here or you may end up having no bio info)
- Collab submission date: When it's done (don't want to rush me or yourselves)

Have MSN? Keep in touch, I'm online from time to time. Add me:


MENU!!!!!!! DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Banner For KingApple for birthday / Madness Accumulation 2 COLLAB - Time For A New Post

Comments (15)

Yes, about time you made an update. I know you've said I won't get in, but still- you just MIGHT have to change your mind about that at some point. I can't say I know anything about that, though. You'll probably end up saying no, but I felt like saying this anyway. Either way, those who are on the verge better hurry their asses up if they don't wanna be kicked!

I will probably deny you again 3';
But thanks for trying again.
And yes you guys better fucking do something.

We haven't talked in a long time mate.

If there is some space after the 15th of June, I will try making a part. My best.

sure thing, and make sure it is the best. I predict there still will be space, I do hope sombody good will take that spot.

Here this is a test to get in slot 10 plz

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/177a5565156d0c240e8260e5db0bffef">http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1 77a5565156d0c240e8260e5db0bffef</a>

not the worst i've seen, but sorry im not accepting you.
as i said
I want the BEST
not a beginner man
but not bad

kk thats allright... thx btw

thanks for taking this easily, np. good luck, practice.

i would be willing to join as a co-author or not co-authored. theres are a couple of links on my page to tests but dont look at my submissions because i have improved alot from then.

sorry, you are not accepted. your okay, but not too good. keep practicing.

is there a dead line for the date

july 1st

how it goin man?

pretty slow

A comment for you &lt;3


Oh shit it's my birthday.

Wheres my cake!?!?!!??!!!! &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;:(

And, as in added bonus to this comment, I want to say I'm thrilled to see how well your doing with making this collab come to Life.

OkaybyeDeprlfsdf'ggddfdfhdfdghdghdhgd fhdfhdfhdfhdfhffff.

Happeh b-day ;/
*insert cake here*
and was that last part sarcasm =.=

Thank you man, it was getting a bit dusty up there.

Yeah I'll stop with the jokes now.

Happy Bwarfdah

Total amount of frames for my/your parts: +/- 700
Just saying.

thanks for keeping me updated bud

ok wait

so you mean when you finish it will be +/- 700?

Eh, no, I meant the number of frames I have done. The 'total' meant... it is 200 frames for one part and 500 for the other now. When I finish it it will be probably near to 2000 - total for both parts.

oh ok, so you have around 700 done? and two parts going on? I think I got it.

sorry if menu screeny may look a little confusing around there, but thats just how it may look for the screeny.

Pretty Nice Screen. Best Menu Ever

thx dimbasaur :3