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Hey DIMB, been a long time...

Remember me, babe? ;)
Been browsing around newgrounds recently, here and there, ran into this. Decent animation, style, and... well, kills. I did enjoy watching this, but, not to be rude or such, but... I'd like to see more.... plot. Don't get me wrong, it was badass, but it needs a bit more... something curious, original, exciting, suspenseful every now and then. As you see in the original madness episodes, you see higher ranked grunts with more superior skill, such as the... MAC Agents (Is that what they were called?), summoned ATP agents (Madness 9), Jebus, The Auditor, struggle here and there in battle ;). Also think more original toward the setting / scenes too. Madness is full of them empty grey rooms, but it's nice to see those gates and weapons racks or such every now and then, more towards the scene ;), but I've still gotta love simplicity now and then. Your artwork is exceptional, it has improved, but I suggest you try more Perspective, and uhmmm, those steps on the staircase seemed quite too large, for example. But overall, this was great, much to my amusement. Keep it up, old friend ;)

Guess Who's Back (No not really sorry)

Hi, sorry I'm late.
I just stopped by at NG to see how you're all doing.
I'm glad to see some Madness collabs I've awaited before.
This collab turned out beautiful!
I love your menu and such dude, no wonder you didn't want to show me it earlier, heh.
Love the collab, it ran smoothly, much well done parts.
Love the choice of music too, for I was planning to use the exact same in Accumulation II.
But I just love this, I wasn't expecting this much, glad to see an original menu followed by great parts, music, and flow.
Thanks for the credit dude, :D :3
Keep it up, I'll drop by from time to time, hope to see something good.

- 1337-Dawg

GabrielBarsch responds:

accumulation II could be the best collab on this madness day if you released it, but you dont... well, hope you can join our collabs

Wasn't half bad

Though, the only smooth animation was some of the walks
Slow everything down man, a lot of th movements are too fast
The dialouge seemed very useless, and was only half entertaining
End was very.... well it ruined the experience really
But it still kept me watching
The menu wasn't much, very simple, but I hate how you put sound effects on the buttons, and on the intro.... it just seemed wrong
Just add more to the menu :3
Art was also dissapointing, until towards the end.
But yes it was better than the first, by miles!
By the way, add some more realism... like throwing a grenade launcher won't impale somebody, or at least add that much blood...
Sorry if the review seemed too negative.
But good job, much improvement compared to the first :3
Good luck, I actually did like how you added comedy, I guess.
Thanks for the credit :3

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Sure thing for the credit! Sorry about those other things you mentioned, though. I'll work on those things in future animations. And glad that you could see how much better this was than MH1!!

Oh hey did you just... that song....

I'm sure we'll keep or secret of that song.
Glad you didn't do to... nevermind
Well, only if it were longer, that would be great.
Animation was great
but not to much to say.
I've never seen you animate anyone dancing, and I must say, it gave me a little jump. Nice.
Only, I wish that last 1337 had more of wounds when was smeared, along with more of length of animation and more complexity.
Not bad really.
Happy Birthday Apple!!

DIMB responds:

well, dude thanks for all, and i really didnt thought you was gonna care, as you see, another madness movie already has it so i thought you was gonna give up with that song :/ im sorry :/

Whoa Krinkels!

You yourself have improved a lot. You satisfied us by far! The whole conception was great, and you didn't seem to get lazy at all! I love how they spared a few people, fooled around and dressed up, how everybody's reactions were. The backgrounds, hot damn! The art, everything. Helicoptors, other transportation vehicles, the background themselves, the rooms, all the art from head to toe was beautiful! New weapons, the upgrades, may I meantion the reactions again. You've changed your style once more, but this time it's undoubtabley fabulous. I was just glad to just see Jebus and Tricky. Jebus, putting his head back on, Tricky spamming, the Auditor over it all. Golly! I just can't stop! The music fit along well, beginning dramatic, later on speeding up. Sanford, I love how he aided himself, then took steroids, that was lovely! The kills were great, the wound art was too. There also seemed to be some comedy, great! :D Just let me stop here, or I never will :3 Love your Krinks. Keep it original, keep it great. Once again, spectacular!

I'm a little jealous, to be honest

About 99% of the parts were great!
Music was a great choice
I love the parts
Just... HOT DAMN
The collab parts were all original. The credits were just epic. The music fit the animation. The parts all joint together. It kept me watching in interest the whole time. Damn just perfect. Keep up the work gentlemen.

DIMB responds:

hehe thanks for the review dude! :D

A little strange

but since DIMB likes it, I like it :D
you did express your emotion strongly there
the conception was pretty interesting
music was a good match
the emotion of everything matched the conception and the music totally
good work men
ill give it a fair rating for everybodys friend, DIMB
glad your okay bud!

Clatform responds:

thanks for the review dude
i really apricciate it C:


Yea its me :3

Well anyways, nice :D I like how u did a few things, that surely needed it, in 3D :3. It was great animation, great effects, and great details. Better than the others, but lacks some effort in some places, but great :3 Nice music to fit with the animation

Coft responds:

Wow, it so cool to read something you are thinking about. :D I looked at this page. Then scrolled down. "1337-Dawg" -"Oh its him ?" -"Yea its me" :D

you're right about the effort. Every time I said when something will be done, I really submitted it on the day. Even if no-one cared. And every time I was finishing it at the last momments. And I learned nothing - when doing this, I did nearly everything during last three weeks. I worked on that for three months, but the real effort came in last three weeks. I did the last two rooms in the last two days and it took me 7 hours on the last day to have it done in time. So, more effort ? I have not enough time ! -wrong answer. Next time I'll try to care about it even half a year before its release time to don't reduce quality...


I love your new style of animation, its even better, but i do miss the old one. I'm happy to see tricky back in action, i mean finally! The only thing I really disliked was how it ended, but who cares, it madness!

It was ok

First off what's good:
- V-cam movements r great
- Good conception
- Okay art

What's bad:
- Walking
- There are long periods of time without really any character movement or any movement
- Sounds sometimes dont fit (not major problem)
- Needs more blood splurts (animated blood)
- Main animation isn't descent enough (smoothen it out, pay close attention to it, most beginning animators dont pay enough attention to it)
- Perspective on some art needs work (as DominatrisManifesto mentioned)

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